Respect And Enlightenment

Respect and Enlightenment

The journey of enlightenment is a journey of many levels and many understandings, as you may or may not personally know, according to your level of awareness. Recently the idea of respect brought itself around with new understandings.

If you follow this blog you may have read my ideas on Addictions. That post talks about a new way for me to look at the idea of addictions. It is that if we stop fighting the desire and allow it and trust…Life will bring renewal.

After my two weeks of flu earlier this year I was so hungry, so I allowed myself to eat all that I wanted, it wasn’t very long until a new voice began to make itself known, and I gently and easily began to eat a little less and a little less. The new voice was about respect. Respect for my body. Respect for my desires about my body, including size, and respect for the food and the joy of it. Life knew just how to help me, because respect is high on my list of values.  The desire to eat became balanced by my desire to respect myself.

With this has come new understanding for me about the flow of life. When we stop the flow with no, no, no to what we want then we are stuck. When we allow ourselves to have what is wanted and trust, we begin the flow again and new ideas come to us. Like the idea of respect for my body, that easily and quickly modified my desires concerning eating.



  1. Oozing with absolute brilliance. You affect me more than
    you know and realize. Love the inside look in your head!
    Renee Avard´s last blog post ..~ Check-In, Check-Out and Check On ~

  2. Hi Renee Love, thank you, it is my great desire to move out of the way and allow Life to affect you, and infect you!!! hahaha

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