Taking My Own Beautiful Medicine

As I move along though this experience I come across others who are in pain. When they want my help I always tell them the same thing...Feel it and new understanding will come. I know of this because Life has shown me in my own life. This past … [Read more...]

Feel The Energy Flowing

Sometimes I just feel so much energy flowing through me, and I know that means new understandings and new experiences. I used to call this fear and anger, but now I understand it is just the energy I call for as my desires surface. It is generally … [Read more...]

Nothing More is Required

Nothing more is required. Just allowing and trusting. Allow all of us (life) to be just as we are with no attachment to any outcome. That's what the wind does... That's what the oceans do... That's what the trees do... That's what the sun … [Read more...]

Free To Be A Tree

What of a tree? You ask , and rightly so. There they stand so great and true. Could there be something that they know? The courage to stand and value themselves In whatever spot they happen to grow. Just as they are, without one word. No … [Read more...]

Respect And Enlightenment

The journey of enlightenment is a journey of many levels and many understandings, as you may or may not personally know, according to your level of awareness. Recently the idea of respect brought itself around with new understandings. If you … [Read more...]

Everything And The Flow

Everything is part of the flow... Desires, feelings, thoughts, actions, values All Part of the Flow. Loss, sadness, joy, ownership, love, hate, anxiety All Part of the Flow. Spouses, jobs, creating, motherhood and fatherhood, holidays, … [Read more...]

Peace and Renewal

At this point in my life I have a lot of systems in place, ways of taking care of myself and my life. And I love those systems they give me great peace. Until recently I was usually against things that snagged up or interrupted my systems. But … [Read more...]

Learning to Listen

Life keeps bringing me back to this one. When we lived at the beach a few years ago it started.  The impulse to stop and listen, to listen while i work, to listen...  at that point it was more of a turning off of the mind for a few moments or … [Read more...]

Not Attempting to Save Myself

"Any time i am not doing what i want to do (following the promptings), i am attempting to save myself." ~ap The above was a something i posted to facebook....a dear friend asked me to define 'save myself' and brought up some other ideas, below is … [Read more...]


This is a response to a question about addictions from a dear friend.... We are human beings and that means creatures of habit. It is your concern over your habits that creates the bind. It isn't ever what we do it is our thoughts about what … [Read more...]