Who Are You?

If we will sit each day and ask ourselves "who are you?" the answers will come.  Trust and desire are needed, but that is all.  Do you have that, will you ask? When I was a kid my parents asked me to do all kinds of things for them.  But, they … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Masculine

Yesterday when I was sitting and feeling fear and asking my fearful part to come forward and be integrated.  I heard and saw something new.  I saw a youthful (I didn't say young) man, very attractive and powerful looking.  And I heard and wrote these … [Read more...]

Duality Made Simple

I was married to a Gestalt Therapist for 9 years (until he left the planet). Charles Griffith taught me many things...one of them was about duality. There is no great mystery. Duality is just a split or a division, like up and down. This … [Read more...]