The Power of the Night Sets Birdies Free

Each one together brings the life we know Pain and joy part of the flow Learning and growing Loving and yearning So much we don't know The stream, the flow, the life, the show And the inner man cries, Let go, let go, let go Great fear … [Read more...]

Who Ever Told Us We Need to Know Everything?

Who ever told us we needed to know and understand everything? Just notice how many things we really don't know. How many things are on automatic? like the sun, air, earth, our bodies, why, when, who... This is a long list. Sure we can effect … [Read more...]

What is Going on Here? and Living the Map

One of my very first quesitons to "God" way back then, in my early 20's was "What is Going On Here?, I want to know?" To be here without a map is a scary thing.  And the sketchy mismatch of a map I had wasn't getting me to the happiness I desired. … [Read more...]

A Path of Enlightenment

Enlightenment, awakening, Self actualization is about awakening from the dream of the mind. Created for protection. This dream began as a child and has been continually perpetuated... So the teaching goes 'If I did/do what they want they will love … [Read more...]

Life Knows Best

Lately, the last few days, it is becoming more and more apparent that I don't know the best way. I have come to the place of allowing on many subjects and a lot that I want is streaming into my life, (I can see it now). And at the same time Life is … [Read more...]

Finding The Blind Spots

Projection is something we all do. What I want to share here is this.... It is much easier to see ourselves in others. This is because we all have blind spots. Parts of our personalities that we barely perceive. I have found so many of my own … [Read more...]

Monsters in the Closet

Think of a small child lying in bed, terrified of the monster in the closet, he calls out to his Dad for help. Dad yells back, "it's not real, go back to sleep". My Dad didn't know how to help me find a way to look at things so that they weren't so … [Read more...]