Nothing More is Required

Nothing more is required. Just allowing and trusting. Allow all of us (life) to be just as we are with no attachment to any outcome. That's what the wind does... That's what the oceans do... That's what the trees do... That's what the sun … [Read more...]

Free To Be A Tree

What of a tree? You ask , and rightly so. There they stand so great and true. Could there be something that they know? The courage to stand and value themselves In whatever spot they happen to grow. Just as they are, without one word. No … [Read more...]

Life Knows Best

Lately, the last few days, it is becoming more and more apparent that I don't know the best way. I have come to the place of allowing on many subjects and a lot that I want is streaming into my life, (I can see it now). And at the same time Life is … [Read more...]