My Renee

A spark A tear A bird on the breeze The light of the world Come to be my love Come to me my love Awakened from your sleep Arising from your slumber Know yourself and fly sweet bird Stepping out of the bond Letting go of the … [Read more...]

Respect And Enlightenment

The journey of enlightenment is a journey of many levels and many understandings, as you may or may not personally know, according to your level of awareness. Recently the idea of respect brought itself around with new understandings. If you … [Read more...]

Who Ever Told Us We Need to Know Everything?

Who ever told us we needed to know and understand everything? Just notice how many things we really don't know. How many things are on automatic? like the sun, air, earth, our bodies, why, when, who... This is a long list. Sure we can effect … [Read more...]

What is Going on Here? and Living the Map

One of my very first quesitons to "God" way back then, in my early 20's was "What is Going On Here?, I want to know?" To be here without a map is a scary thing.  And the sketchy mismatch of a map I had wasn't getting me to the happiness I desired. … [Read more...]

A Path of Enlightenment

Enlightenment, awakening, Self actualization is about awakening from the dream of the mind. Created for protection. This dream began as a child and has been continually perpetuated... So the teaching goes 'If I did/do what they want they will love … [Read more...]

Who Are You?

If we will sit each day and ask ourselves "who are you?" the answers will come.  Trust and desire are needed, but that is all.  Do you have that, will you ask? When I was a kid my parents asked me to do all kinds of things for them.  But, they … [Read more...]

The Beautiful Masculine

Yesterday when I was sitting and feeling fear and asking my fearful part to come forward and be integrated.  I heard and saw something new.  I saw a youthful (I didn't say young) man, very attractive and powerful looking.  And I heard and wrote these … [Read more...]

The Calling

Come out, i want to play with you! i lost you so long ago, when i saw that the bigger ones didn't want you and they convinced me that you were not helping me. And there you have been all this time, never leaving, still trying to get my … [Read more...]

I Came Here to Enjoy Myself

I came here to enjoy myself....there are a whole lot of different workings that had to be just right for me to come here and have this particular experience. And there must be many, many dances of life that keep me here, now... do i know  do i … [Read more...]

We Are Love And Life

As I grow up, and become a mature human being I am mature love and life. When we are immature, no matter our age we are still love and life, just not mature. We are who we are, there is nobody else, just us. Some of us are waking up to who we … [Read more...]