My Renee

A spark A tear A bird on the breeze The light of the world Come to be my love Come to me my love Awakened from your sleep Arising from your slumber Know yourself and fly sweet bird Stepping out of the bond Letting go of the … [Read more...]

My First Day Here

Today I, pure love, is pretending to have just arrived on earth. Completely without attachment of any kind. Free and mature and able to be here without becoming attached. Just to observe and enjoy. How would I ever be able to stay? Would I need to … [Read more...]

The Power of the Night Sets Birdies Free

Each one together brings the life we know Pain and joy part of the flow Learning and growing Loving and yearning So much we don't know The stream, the flow, the life, the show And the inner man cries, Let go, let go, let go Great fear … [Read more...]

Allowing the Arguing

Written by Anne on July 30th, 2010 ...I am aware of my arguing. As I stay in a space of allowing and watch I notice the thoughts that flow and many of them are some type of argument. And I remember as a small child arguing with my Dad and him … [Read more...]

Love Gives Freedom ~ Osho

Love gives freedom. Love that doesn't give freedom is not love. People become afraid of other people's freedom, Because freedom escapes control and freedom is unpredictable. All so-called "love" tries to kill freedom in any way it can - - as soon … [Read more...]