Trust In Life, Let Go, Let Go

Life created the earth and sky And put us here to try and try Until we realize and then we cry And open to the fact that we don't know And trust in Life to run the show Whatever it is we trust and grow Because it's true that Life does … [Read more...]

All Letting Go Is An Entry Into The Unknown

Recently, I watched a program on TV about how the Universe was made. In it they showed how the stars die and how when some of them do they explode and scatter different metals like copper and gold and iron throughout space. In time these fragments … [Read more...]

Who Ever Told Us We Need to Know Everything?

Who ever told us we needed to know and understand everything? Just notice how many things we really don't know. How many things are on automatic? like the sun, air, earth, our bodies, why, when, who... This is a long list. Sure we can effect … [Read more...]