All Letting Go Is An Entry Into The Unknown

Recently, I watched a program on TV about how the Universe was made. In it they showed how the stars die and how when some of them do they explode and scatter different metals like copper and gold and iron throughout space. In time these fragments … [Read more...]

Fear of Death

Fear of death isn't what we think it is, and we think it is many things. Fear of death is really fear of letting go of the identity we have created. That's what we are letting go of when we 'let go' in our spiritual work. We let go of that … [Read more...]

Relinquishing Control

Not requiring anything to be a certain way.  Realizing and enjoying the flow. Here's a secret... Ask yourself what you want and follow the voice that answers, it is the flow, and when you let go (little by little until you realize freedom) and … [Read more...]


A friend asked me how I see the difference between un-attachment and de-tachment  and have I attained un-attachment................ Personally I like the word un-attached because it still means part of ....and from attachment … [Read more...]

Allowing the Arguing

Written by Anne on July 30th, 2010 ...I am aware of my arguing. As I stay in a space of allowing and watch I notice the thoughts that flow and many of them are some type of argument. And I remember as a small child arguing with my Dad and him … [Read more...]

Just a Little Joke About Letting Go

A man was walking along a mountain ledge when the earth under him gave way.  As he fell he grabbed onto a root that was sticking out of the mountain side.  He began to yell for help, "Help, help help!"  he waited...."Help, help, help!" Finally … [Read more...]