The Ongoing Adventures of I

I The Adventurer. I comes to a small damp room, warm and helpful. I comes through a small shaft into the light of day. I becomes wired as his/her parents (two more Is) are. I grows and experiences and chooses and forgets. I creates a guard … [Read more...]

The Power of the Night Sets Birdies Free

Each one together brings the life we know Pain and joy part of the flow Learning and growing Loving and yearning So much we don't know The stream, the flow, the life, the show And the inner man cries, Let go, let go, let go Great fear … [Read more...]

Who Are You?

If we will sit each day and ask ourselves "who are you?" the answers will come.  Trust and desire are needed, but that is all.  Do you have that, will you ask? When I was a kid my parents asked me to do all kinds of things for them.  But, they … [Read more...]

We Are Love And Life

As I grow up, and become a mature human being I am mature love and life. When we are immature, no matter our age we are still love and life, just not mature. We are who we are, there is nobody else, just us. Some of us are waking up to who we … [Read more...]