There's a neighborhood in Round Rock we like to drive through, it's kind of rural in feel with big lots and trees.  The really cool part is that there are deer sitting and standing in the yards.  They are so gentle, just there, being... As I lay … [Read more...]

The Desire to Love

Why do you think we have such a desire to love and be loved? I think it's because Love is who we are. When we judge every thing as good or bad, we forget who we are, but the longing to know ourselves survives and looks like a desire to love and to be … [Read more...]

The Calling

Come out, i want to play with you! i lost you so long ago, when i saw that the bigger ones didn't want you and they convinced me that you were not helping me. And there you have been all this time, never leaving, still trying to get my … [Read more...]

I Came Here to Enjoy Myself

I came here to enjoy myself....there are a whole lot of different workings that had to be just right for me to come here and have this particular experience. And there must be many, many dances of life that keep me here, now... do i know  do i … [Read more...]

Love Gives Freedom ~ Osho

Love gives freedom. Love that doesn't give freedom is not love. People become afraid of other people's freedom, Because freedom escapes control and freedom is unpredictable. All so-called "love" tries to kill freedom in any way it can - - as soon … [Read more...]

We Are Love And Life

As I grow up, and become a mature human being I am mature love and life. When we are immature, no matter our age we are still love and life, just not mature. We are who we are, there is nobody else, just us. Some of us are waking up to who we … [Read more...]

I Trust The One

As sure as night follows day, As clear as the afternoon sun, As joyful as a blue birds morning song and As lovely as a newborn baby's face... The love of the one pours over us Every moment... No matter how it feels or how it looks. Or what obstacles … [Read more...]