Why Do I Struggle With Loving Myself?

For my daughter(s)... My mom was one of the youngest of 9 children, her father was poor and mean.  He'd line the kids up and the first one who laughed got a spanking.  Her mom died at the age of 40.  So, my mother grew up without the support … [Read more...]

Another Way to Look at Our Ego

About the ego, if we could just understand that the voice we call the ego is a distortion of our voice that has come about as a result of our lack of attention to it.  Kind of like what happens to a little child if they are not given proper … [Read more...]


This is a response to a question about addictions from a dear friend.... We are human beings and that means creatures of habit. It is your concern over your habits that creates the bind. It isn't ever what we do it is our thoughts about what … [Read more...]

Healthy Beautiful Bodies – Part 1

This is a sharing of what works for me.  A former yo yo dieter, this is how I have learned to apply spiritual principles to every day life and enjoy food and my body. I wanted to lose weight, yes, but I also wanted... To feel young To look … [Read more...]