Nothing More is Required

Nothing more is required. Just allowing and trusting. Allow all of us (life) to be just as we are with no attachment to any outcome. That's what the wind does... That's what the oceans do... That's what the trees do... That's what the sun … [Read more...]

My Friend Job

When my life is in pain and I see no way out My thoughts go to Job, something he knew about Job endured loss yet courageously held to his faith and his trust Not choosing to think that his fate was unjust Poor Job, as he sat in his sack cloth … [Read more...]

Respect And Enlightenment

The journey of enlightenment is a journey of many levels and many understandings, as you may or may not personally know, according to your level of awareness. Recently the idea of respect brought itself around with new understandings. If you … [Read more...]

Learning to Listen

Life keeps bringing me back to this one. When we lived at the beach a few years ago it started.  The impulse to stop and listen, to listen while i work, to listen...  at that point it was more of a turning off of the mind for a few moments or … [Read more...]


This is a response to a question about addictions from a dear friend.... We are human beings and that means creatures of habit. It is your concern over your habits that creates the bind. It isn't ever what we do it is our thoughts about what … [Read more...]

Healthy Beautiful Bodies – Part 2

This Post is the second part of two. Find the first part here Healthy Beautiful Bodies - Part 1. I used to think about being more healthy but I could never see how in the world it could ever happen given my state at the time. And when I really … [Read more...]