Taking My Own Beautiful Medicine

As I move along though this experience I come across others who are in pain. When they want my help I always tell them the same thing…Feel it and new understanding will come. I know of this because Life has shown me in my own life.

Taking My Own Beautiful Medicine

This past few weeks have been some of the hardest of my experience. Sleepless nights, tightness in my chest, sickness in my stomach and an overall feeling of confusion and helplessness. I won’t give you the situation that has brought on this pain, it isn’t the topic of this note.

What I will tell you is that within my own suffering I have found new understandings and a new view of Life itself. Through the weeks I have had a few comforting thoughts, that Life has never failed me, to feel the pain, that Life always bring everything for me and never against me and that soon Life will open the sky and I will see and understand in new ways.

I have survived and am still here. What I have to share with you is that Life has indeed been faithful to me. I have a new view, a beautiful new way to see everything and everyone.

When I share this with you the words may be familiar and you may have heard the ideas before and even spoken them and taught them. For me these ways of seeing go much deeper than just ideas or thought, they are now etched in my soul and mine in a deep way that recolors every aspect of my experience. If you too are truly growing, then chances are you will understand what I am saying here.

So on to my new awareness, my new enlightenment….

Life, the Divine, the energy that exists that is who we all are is in full control of everything that is happening, every being, every action, every bit of the stuff we call Life. There is no place where Life does not know and have full control. With this clarity also comes the most wonderful part, respect. Respect for all of Life, respect without my small mind of judgment, respect with full understanding of who or what is being respected. Respecting that Life hasn’t made any mistakes. Respect that Life knows and is in full control. Release from my former amazement about certain things and that they could exist. Release from the entire part of my thoughts that go over and over certain happenings and certain people. Now there is full clarity that all of it… all of it is Life and that Life know exactly what it is doing, and that I don’t need to know.

There is a peace that comes from this and a huge release and new level of allowing.

I share this with you as a gift and because I feel a calling to. I share with great love and humility and respect for where you are. And all that Life is bringing, just as it is.


  1. This is just gorgeous. I am not sure what all went down, but you know I am here for you no matter what. I love you — oh and one other thing happened since we spoke – Zach’s truck broke down on the highway. *sigh* — Anyway, lots of love to you!
    Renee´s last blog post ..My Thoughts and Affirmations

  2. Hi love, thank you! and thanks for your support. sorry to hear about Zach’s truck, I’ll bet he can figure it out though! love you back!

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