The Calling

Come out, i want to play with you! i lost you so long ago, when i saw that the bigger ones didn’t want you and they convinced me that you were not helping me. And there you have been all this time, never leaving, still trying to get my attention.

i know you are there and you want to come out, it is i who have kept you in, afraid of you. Afraid the others wouldn’t want you…afraid i would not want you…

now there is a bit more light and i can tell that the who you are is not the who i thought you to be…please come out, i am ready to love you and nurture you and allow you to be, freely, without judgment…and i want your beauty,

i was afraid before, all that was believed is that you were unwelcomed by the others…

after what seems like a million years of fear of you i call you ~
come out…come out…come out…i love you and want you…more than anything.


  1. jim atwell says

    Passions swirl…..Eternity waits…..Love is patient. ♥ jim atwell

  2. Hi Jim, thanks for visiting my friend..and for leaving a lovely quote….

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