The Connected Mind

When connected to the heart the mind is quiet, only aroused by desire and love.  Then, when aroused by what is wanted, the connected mind creates the blueprint and from that information the Universe yields.

You have a heart, a voice, a desire, a knowing…
let’s call it a Calling.

The Connected Mind

This Calling from within never stops, it can be covered and stifled, but it’s still and always there.

It may or may not agree or be compatible with other’s ideas. But, it is compatible with other’s hearts, voices, desires and knowing.

This incompatibility or differences of the mind creates a range of vibration.  Some will be close enough vibrationally to come together, we see this as compatibility.

So back to the Calling from within…That’s you – the real you – not somebody you made up with the help of others.

Made-up you includes…
Your name
Your occupation
Your credentials
Your age
Your Social Security number
How much money you have
How popular you are
And a whole lot more

Everything here that’s not the Calling is made-up.

The Calling is individual – and it feels like desire. I know how hard it is to lay down the idea that your desires aren’t good, but you must trust for a way, if you are to allow the flow of Life.

Desire, what you love and enjoy the most, comes from Life itself.

What do you love and enjoy the most? Ask yourself that every day and daydream about the answers and start, even if small, to allow some of what you love to become your experience.

So, give yourself some space to desire and to feel. Ask yourself what do I love? What have I always loved? What makes me happy? If could be growing roses, traveling, painting, walking, singing, making or designing something, it could be anything.

Until we trust for ways to listen to and follow our Calling, we are just clamoring ideas…head work.


  1. Magnificient……just magnificient. I want to read more!!! Bravo…..

  2. Thank you Shannon, glad you liked it!

  3. I have had ideas bouncing around for the opposite of the ‘made up you’ form type questions. So will have to share with you. Lots of loves and hugs to you. Cannot wait til 3pm!
    Renee´s last blog post ..From “Buddha Doodles” (and a small-ish) Update!

  4. Can’t wait to hear your ideas! lot’s of love and hugs back my Renee…

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