The Dance of the One

This is what Life is showing me today….


When we can step back and observe we find that the life we know is the product of the individual vibrations and desires of all of us…  One calls for something desired (vibrationally) and another answers the call also vibrationally.  And this dance is what creates the life we know here now.

The signifigance of this is that nobody is really doing anything on their own.  Each one is receiving and giving at all times.  It is like a dance that we are all involved in.  There is no good or bad or right or wrong.  And many times the perceived receiver is actually the giver.  There is no way to wrap our minds around Life…it must be accepted as is.

By just allowing what Life is bringing forth and giving up our judgment of it…we can also let go of the view that we are valuable because of something we do or know.  And any success any individual achieves is achieved by all of us.  And no matter what it looks like…each one of us has the same significance and value.

This understanding erodes the belief in the individual self and promotes a broader understanding of our Oneness.

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