The End of the Static Will Come

The End of the Static Will Come

My mind seems to get dumped upside down and nothing matches – nothing fits. As I assess my motives and desires I find that I’m trying to be right and valuable.

And I know that it’s not possible to be wrong and that nothing can make me more valuable.

Yet, there is this pain in my stomach from the fight of the ideas. The idea I enjoy the most is that we are One flow and nothing I could do from here would make us more right or more valuable.

I know and understand. Yet I have those other thoughts. As allowed, they are coming forward and being replaced by thoughts that feel better to me.

Somehow I get myself back over in the static mind of this world and it feels horrible.

As I grow and move further away vibrationally from this area more and more clarity comes and the end of the static will come.

And more life will flow and enjoyment comes. Life only knows until it gets here.

From the world’s perspective we all need someone to listen and encourage. Attention is major. Everyone needs to feel valuable and right.

From the unknown side, nothing matters, we are in love with ourselves and we are free to play.


  1. So very true. Been having some revelations myself. Love you. And love this blog so very much. You are incredible.
    Renee´s last blog post ..An Honest Reflection …

  2. Hi Renee, thank you! can’t wait to hear your revelations… 🙂

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