There is a Place

a path

There is a place we can come to,

Call it home if you like,

Call it joy or love or peace.

A place that needs no trying because

It envelops and disolves and penetrates and perpetuates itself effortlessly.

It calls to us while we sleep in our frenzied lives of concern and worry.

It calls to us to stop and listen and feel,

To stop and rejoice in what is, no matter what that is,

To return to the simple and fresh and free.

It promises hope and presence and love for all.

Some will answer the call of this place,

Will you?

If you do, then you will be part of the place and it’s continuous calling.

Come away with me, come away with me my love…….


  1. Wow, gorgeous. Just … beautiful.
    I feel love …
    Renee´s last blog post ..“Understanding” AND Bonus April Musings!

  2. thank you Renee, so glad you like it. It reminded me of you… xo

  3. I love love this!!!

  4. thank you my Anna, I am glad you like it…xo

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