Tidings of Comfort and Joy – A Radical Look at Addicitions

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

When I was a small child I had a soft blanket I carried around and comforted myself with. As I recall at age 6 or maybe a little earlier, the blanket began to get smaller and disappear. Not sure if this was a plan of my parents to get rid of the tattered old thing or just a natural occurrence.

The point is I knew how to comfort myself when I was little. As I grew up I was taught by the voice of this world away from my natural tendency to comfort myself.

Even now in our society there’s a huge war over this very idea of self-comfort.

There are so many ways we self-comfort, many under judgment by our society.

Here’s a starter list of comforting things, you might notice these can be called addictions by our society…
hours on Facebook
feeling superior
valuing ourselves by our financial statement
working hard
(add yours here)

Turn on any news, TV or radio; read any magazine, watch any commercial, get on FB, listen to others talk or just dial into the banter in your head and you’ll find voices saying these ways of self comfort are not acceptable in some way. Especially in larger than acceptable doses. But, who gets to say how much is right?

When we apply the ideas of non-judgment and allowing to any life we can see that these are all simply ways we comfort ourselves.

What if for once we stopped listening to those voices that judge our self comfort and allow ourselves the comfort we crave?

If we apply our understanding of how allowing works to comforting (what many call addictions) ourselves… Trusting what is, not struggling against anything and feeling what we feel… then what would surely happen is balance would come.

With this balance would come all that we desire, and wouldn’t that be comforting?

Let’s find and allow ways to comfort ourselves and not feel we need to cut our soft blanket into pieces and take it away from ourselves, but trust, encourage and love ourselves with comfort and joy, like the song says.

much love,

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