Time – A Straw Dog

Of course time isn’t real, we all know that, it is something we made up.
A concept of the mind.  How crazy it is to use it to beat ourselves up, or to beat up another.

I’m pretty sick and tired of my concern about time. 
How am I going to get this done? 
What if this happens, how will I be able to do it all.

You know, whatever!, I didn’t make this world,
I didn’t work things out the way they are. 
Why should I berate myself, worry and have concern over things getting done? 
What if they don’t get done? What if they never get done?  So what?

Not my problem.  I am not running things here, and I am not responsible.

The whole way through the previous dialog with myself all I keep noticing is my use of the word I and me and my (still doing it).  I, me and my don’t really know anything.  Cannot change anything.  Don’t really exist, not really, not the way they have been perceived.  Just straw dogs.  Fake somethings that hide the real something.

I am not moving out of the way so that Life can have it’s way…
Life is unfolding and as it does all straw dogs fall away.  Including, time, me, my and I.

Listen and feel, the answers are there.

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