A friend asked me how I see the difference between un-attachment and de-tachment  and have I attained un-attachment…………….


Personally I like the word un-attached because it still means part of ….and yet…free from attachment to.

Detached, to me, seems more like separated from, and I cannot separate, we are all One.

Un-attachment comes for me one thing at a time… every time I follow the entire voice that comes from within me, I let go or un-attach from what any other outer voice has to say on the matter.

We can only un-attach from the outer voices (perspectives), we each have our own perspective but it is the inner voice that we share.

So the answer is yes, I do enjoy un-attachment in many areas, and am listening to the voice from within more and more…. thereby finding more un-attachment.

Thank you friend…for the question…


  1. I find I am going through this as well. There are some cords that just are not worth it.

    Love the insight!
    Renee´s last blog post ..And Life Is, Was and Will Be

  2. As we grow it is necessary to let go of those things we learned as children, as we come to understand that they are not serving us…it’s a wonderful thing and a painful thing. But so worth it… xo Renee

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