We Are All The Same

We Are All The Same

It’s the Desire that drives us…
The Love that calls us…
The Thought that guides us…
And the experience that envelopes us…


I know you, you are just like me.
In just about every way…

We all want to be loved.
We all want to belong.
We all want fairness.
We all want freedom.
We all eat and do all the other physical things that allow us to stay in this body,
Like breathing, elimination, sexuality, birth and death, stress, sleep, etc.
We all seek some sort of companionship.
We all think.
We all experience pain and joy.
We all come from a mother and father.
We all consider and choose how we see the world.
We all have red blood.
We all share earth as our home.

I love to back-up, let go of the ‘mind of the world’ and remember that we are the same in so many ways. It brings compassion and understanding….


  1. Simply gorgeous. Your writing feels like a comfy pillow I can rest upon.
    Renee´s last blog post ..Enough

  2. thank you Renee, every little bit of understanding we can have for each other brings beloved peace! xoxoxo dear friend…

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