We Are Love And Life

As I grow up, and become a mature human being I am mature love and life. When we are immature, no matter our age we are still love and life, just not mature. We are who we are, there is nobody else, just us. Some of us are waking up to who we are.


  1. Accepting my love for myself is what growing mature has meant for me. For most of my life I had believed I first had to be loved outside of me. This was true as a child. Regardless, if I received it or not I was still left with accepting the love I possess and understanding that my love is meant for me. Being blinded by the trance like state that perpetuated me wanting to give to my love to others first was about wanting acceptance for what I thought had to come from another. I was first to give this love to me. This realization came much later in my life but once realized I have never been without love since.

  2. Hello Wilson, thank you so much for the comment. Isn’t it so wonderful to end the need for love and acceptance outside our self. That is what I want to teach everybody who will listen…love yourself! Now, what can I do for you my friend?

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