We Can't Do It Wrong

As usual the wonderful loving Universe we live in has set up a set of circumstances for me so that I can drop what does not work.  Here is what I am learning…

We Can't Do It Wrong

I have thought for as long as I can remember that when something went wrong…..someone did something wrong.  And as I look around, I can see that others feel the same way, there just must be someone to blame.

This idea is taught, it isn’t something we came with.  Watch small children, they are completely free from guilt.  They enjoy their day with no remorse, when something doesn’t work out they move away and then come back.  Until they are programmed with the insidious idea that someone did something wrong.

Wrong is a judgement, and so is right.  As we grow-up and understand that Life just is, in all it’s beauty and pain and sorrow, it just is.  Nobody did anything wrong.

When we observe someone doing something wrong, and we step back and observe the judgment, we can be sure that we are judging ourself  the same way.

Most of the people I am around will “say” that we are all one, and that all is well, and that judgment is to be given up.  Well then, at some point we must wake up from the dream of doing, and that includes doing it right and doing it wrong.

I always come back to the part of Genesis that says we have a choice to eat of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil…or we can eat of the fruit of the tree of Life.  It is all just life, working itself out.  All of it, just the way it is here.  Letting go of the mind means letting go of accusing anyone of doing it wrong.  Because that is an impossibility and a figment of our imaginations.

Does the tree do it wrong, or the squirrel or the baby or the weather….maybe we don’t like it, and we don’t choose it, but that does not make it wrong,  And as we grow up and understand the vastness and the depth of Love that Life has for us….we will be thankful for all that comes to us, because it is all a loving gift and an opportunity to advance toward what we do want.  There is no substitute for trust.

I love you all, and I am learning that we can’t do it wrong.  What a relief…..


  1. Anne — Thank you so much for writing this all out. I love this conversation. It’s always like water in the desert, no matter how often I hear or read it. “I’ve created everything. Some of the things I’ve created, I don’t like. And that’s ok. What do I want more of from where I am?”

  2. Hi Frank, don’t you just love how Life brings around just what we need, right when we need it. and as we grow we become more and more aware of this reality. Thank you xoxo

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