We Need Our Anger

Most people today would say anger is dangerous, or anger is to be checked, or controlled.

third eye

What if we, each one, within ourselves, allowed our own anger, and felt it and owned it?

I see so many people who would benefit greatly by allowing their anger. But they are afraid of it, they have been taught that anger is bad or unwanted. When we allow and feel our anger we are allowing our power to come forward, the power we have repressed our whole lives, ever since our parents taught us to do things their way. You know that feeling, that feeling of energy in your gut and your chest. Can you recognize it as power?

When we allow our anger and feel it, then it will give us a new way to see things, we can see where we need to say No, or where we are doing things we really don’t want to do, or where we are worrying or fearing or being concerned, and only when we gain the clarity that comes from feeling our anger are we able to redecide. And when we redecide, life changes.

There is another group, I see, a group who is angry a lot, a group who spews anger on people all day long. These people would probably say they are not angry, but they are and they have tried to control it and it comes out all the time on others they are around. If these people would allow the feeling of anger and look at it and feel it and allow it and own it they would get new clarity on what they are really angry about, their boss, or their mother, or their life. I agree that spewing anger on each other is not ok, the only way to stop this is to start to feel the anger when it comes and not drown it with thoughts, or work, or doing but feeling it. When we feel anger or any feeling it give us new ways to see, it brings the relief we desire and it makes our life work.

Anger is only dangerous when we don’t feel it.

Why do I bring this up, why do I speak for anger? Because it is a part of us that we have judged as unwanted…because it is a part of us and I love it and support it and trust and allow it.

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