What Do You Want?

What do you want? I mean it, what do you want? Not some great big vision, some of you may have a great big vision. But I talk to a lot of people who answer this question with ‘I don’t know.’ And here is the answer that has worked for me….

Begin to ask yourself what do I want right now? I know you have some preset things you do that you’ve already decided on like go to work or pay the bills. I mean all those other things, like sit and read, or watch a movie, or take a walk, or have some tea, or cookies. Many of us are so out of touch with what we want that we never think to ask.

If you will begin to ask and listen for the answer you will become more sensitive to yourself. And slowly as you are willing to listen your larger dreams will begin to form into ideas that make sense. They may still be ‘out there’ but they will start forming. Don’t try to rush yourself, give yourself some room. I had spent so many years trying to please others that it took a while before the voice of my dreams started to become clear. And it took a while to tell the difference between my dreams and others dreams for me.

What do you want, right now? There is a voice within you waiting for you to begin to listen, and here is where you start.

You may be afraid of what you’ll hear if you sincerely ask. Don’t be, whatever it is, you can just sit with it. If it is disturbing, just sit with it and take a pad and ask some questions like, why do I want this? and how long have I wanted this? and what do I think having this will bring? Take some time with yourself. Feel around any new ideas and write about them. Trust that your greater non-physical self is on your side and will help you to make any choices and bring new ideas and new ways of looking at things and doing things.

Trust yourself and your voice. You are waiting to be heard. You do have things that you want. You just have to get in the habit of listening and valuing what you hear.


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  1. I want to make my life more beautiful.

  2. Hello Nasir, good to hear from you dear friend, yes that is a wonderful desire. You can start by acknowledging the beauty that exists right now. And concentrating on that. 🙂

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