What is Going on Here? and Living the Map

Trusting Brings Answers

One of my very first quesitons to “God” way back then, in my early 20’s was “What is Going On Here?, I want to know?”

To be here without a map is a scary thing.  And the sketchy mismatch of a map I had wasn’t getting me to the happiness I desired.  It has been over 3 decades now since I first asked that question.  And I am very happy to report that now I have a map that is working.

So what have I found?
Who I am
Why I’m here
Who all the other people are
Why they are in my life

And what has this brought?
More and more trust, peace, rest, honesty, enjoyment, love and freedom.

What did I use to create my map? or better, What did Life use to create a map for me? as It answered the call It heard in my question, “What is going on here?”
Life used, every day, every person, every thought, every emotion, every teacher…all of it. Life used Life.

And also Life used more and more the voice as I became more able to hear it. Yes, I hear a voice and sometimes it is loud, but mostly it is the voice of my soul…answering the questions, what do I desire?, what do I love?, what do I feel? And after those are answered, then Life shows me the way to experience, what I want, what I love and what feels the best to me.

So, back to the map and the question…what is going on here?

My map is a composite of all the life I have lead, and there is no possible way it will be the same as anybody else’s map. This is where many get stuck, and have wars, we think our way or our map is best. But as you can see from my experience, my map is best for me and your map is best for you.

So here’s the thing, if your map/way isn’t working it’s time to re evaluate and re decide, and mostly it is time to start asking for and trusting the One Voice for help to have the courage to trust Life to bring your answers.

When we work our way into a place of trust…the mountains move, the doors open and Life flows. And it is the best feeling, ever…

With maturity One realizes that relating around our maps/ways is a less effective form of love. And when we arrive at our destination, whatever that is for each of us, then the map becomes a way of life and not something we need to talk about.


  1. Rosa Rubay says

    Thank you Ann. It is so wonderful to have you share your enlightening thoughts. Light & Love always Dear One.

  2. thank you Rosa, so glad to see you

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