Who Ever Told Us We Need to Know Everything?

Trusting Life

Who ever told us we needed to know and understand everything?
Just notice how many things we really don’t know.

How many things are on automatic?
like the sun, air, earth, our bodies, why, when, who…
This is a long list.

Sure we can effect but we can’t really change Life.

We may get rid of life as we know it now, but
soon enough it will bounce back, when we are gone.

All I really know is here, now.
Anything else is conjecture, best guess.

We are inaccurate so much,
How do we know?


The only thing to do is trust what is here
to be the best. And stop fighting with life.

Life has an agenda, or maybe it doesn’t.
I don’t know, not Anne.

And that is that.

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