You Are Not Guilty

Consider with me for a moment;

You were born here in this world. Born to parents who were born here in this world. You were trained to see things in a certain way, the same way your parents were trained to see things. They gave you what they had, how could they give you more? You grew and with the program handed down by generations you perceived your world. You acted on the information you had, just as your parents did.

Then suddenly you decided, part of the program, that you are responsible for your actions, you are responsible, not your program. All part of the program.

Now, about the program, you may think the program is bad. The program would say that. But, not so, very not so. The program, or the way things are here is all part of a greater knowing. You and I certainly didn’t create what is here, at least not from this perspective. But, because of the programing you think you did, or you think someone else did.

This is just the way it is here. The greater, broader, more knowing part of us created this place, just as it is and for good reason.

Do I know the reason? Not really, some pretty great minds have stepped up to give us some ideas:
Abraham-Hicks says that the contrast here creates desire and desire allows the life to flow. Without desire there would be no life on earth as we know it.
Neale Donald Walsh says that God wanted to experience itself and broke into many.
The Buddha just says that all is perfect just as it is with no need to explain.

So what do we do with all that programing, well, I’m so glad you asked. We change it, we redecide. We learn to hear and trust the voice that comes from with us. (The programing of the world asks us not to listen to that voice within.) We each have a voice, the voice of our own truth and some of us wake-up to that voice and with that waking help move the entire being, you know, all of us, forward in our evolution. This too is part of the greater knowing. It is real for me, is it real for you, are you waking up to want more?

But, one of the first steps is to realize that we have been acting according to a preset way of thinking. One we didn’t create and are not responsible for. We are not guilty, nobody is guilty. This is just the way it is here.  Even one who is enlightened is part of the way it is here.

May each and everyone of us who wants to find a better way lay down the guilt and know that we are innocent!

I’d love to know what you think about this.

Love you,


  1. Unfortunately, much of our programming lies beneath our conscious awareness, making it very difficult, if not impossible to change except by one of two methods, currently thought. One, hypnosis and two, PSYCH-K which is psychological kinesiology. And, no…we are not guilty! But, unfortunately, we are still responsible.

  2. Hi Chaska, thanks for the visit and the comment, you never know, there may be other ways!

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